We believe EVERYONE should be able to afford heavy dumbbells and kettlebells at home!


STEP 1: We ship you an empty container perfectly sized to weigh an exact amount once filled with CONCRETE.

STEP 2: Visit your local hardware store and grab some concrete! 80 lbs of concrete for as low as $4!

STEP 3: Fill the container, let it dry, and you will have a FULLY functional dumbbell or kettlebell!

"Great product and fairly easy DIY. The $ saved lb for lb is simply unbeatable. Process was simple to make and instructions were very clear."

  • "Working with CONCRETE is as easy as PANCAKE MIX!! Just add WATER!"

  • "After each workout I think... why was I hesitant to buy these?"

  • "Great product, been using them since the day the concrete hardened. "

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience with Concrete?

Absolutely not. Concrete mix is as simple as Pancake mix. Simply add water, mix, and fill the mold!

Additionally, click here for in-depth tutorial to walk you through the entire process: Tutorial Video

What do I need from the Hardware Store?

The only essential product you need to pick up is Concrete Mix. Here's a link to the most popular option:

Optional helpful products

  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • Gardening shovel or Concrete trowel
  • Gloves

Does Rebar come with the Mold?

Every 40 lb Dumbbell mold comes with a pre-cut rebar for inserting down the handle. No other mold requires Rebar.

Are the molds sold individually?

Yes. You can buy single dumbbells or you can buy them in a bundle.


Make DUMBBELLS and KETTLEBELLS affordable and accessible for ALL!

  • Polycarbonate Materials

  • American Made

  • Patent Pending Design

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Concrete is both affordable and easy to use! You can purchase 80 lbs of concrete mix for as low as $4! Simply pour into a bucket and add water! Click the link below to watch a tutorial walking you through the entire process of finishing your dumbbell and kettlebells!

View Tutorial